Ethereum Improvement Proposals to Watch in 2024



The Best Steps in Marketing Your Newly Minted Token. Ethereum Improvement Proposals to Watch in 2024

Ethereum Improvement Proposals

The latest Ethereum All Core Developers meeting finally put some tentative dates on the upgrade schedule for the next mainnet hard fork, Dencun.

With the caveat that it’s only “if no major issues arise,” Ethereum devs are eyeing the following dates for forking Ethereum’s public testnets.

This will be the last time that Goerli is included in the testing regimen, as the network is slated for deprecation.

They also discussed what comes next — the as-yet-un-nicknamed Prague/Electra upgrade. The Ethereum community is considering whether to focus on a large core feature — which could take a year of work —  or structure the upgrade around multiple smaller improvements, which could be feasible for late 2024.

A decision will come in the new year, but for now, here are some of the improvements to watch in 2024 in the wake of Dencun.